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We now find two big companies(Google and Yahoo) on an online battle-ground bringing their innovations and new delivery of products. I went through a search engine which combines the search results of both Yahoo and Google. ie., it searches Google and Yahoo at the same time. As the name suggests it is GahooYoogle where the G in Google and Y in Yahoo are toggled.The main objective of this is to save time, get more search results and make the search faster and reliable.It has been called a TWINGINE
There is also another site where the search results of both Google and Yahoo are compared. Here two search engines are displayed on either sides in two frames and one can find the search results of both the search engines and one can compare the number of search results and the time taken to search by both the search engines. Thus we can get the look and feel of both the search engines at the same time.
Google is well known for its inventive thinking and it had been said that engineers of Google are expected to spend one day a week on a project of personal interest. This led to the dawn of many other Google services like Google News, social networking site like Orkut, Google code etc. Thus each engineer in Google has contributed certain amount of their own time in developing a new technology in Google.
The notable point here is that the co-founders of both Yahoo and Google are from Stanford university. Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are still running Google with full spirit. But Yahoo’s founders David Filo and Jerry Yang are not involved in Yahoo’s operation at present and it is handed over to Terry Semel. He is the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo at present.
Coming to the mail services provided by both the search engines, I am quite unsatisfied by Yahoo mail. Its easy for a person to crack the Yahoo passwords.. When we just click the forget your password link, some details like date of birth and the yahoo id is asked. Once that information is given correctly, It displays the security question for which most people sets a weak answer. After answering that we are provided with a new password.This helps in easy cracking of passwords and there is no way of changing the security question and answer in yahoo. But the mail service by Google ie., Gmail is extremely secured.. The passwords cannot be hacked unless we spell it out or its to weak to be guessed or setting a weak secondary id( a yahoo id that can be easily cracked is set as the secondary id to your gmail account). This is what I learnt from my personal experience.
Regarding chat the Yahoo messenger is highly prone to virus. Some anonymous links are sent during chat and when person clicks it everything is gone. But this never happens in gmail chat.
Though there are some statistics that says that Google can never surpass Yahoo, my vote is to Google and I have started loving Google like anything…..

Cool December

Posted: December 10, 2006 in Myself

The month that I like very much for no reasons. Ofcourse it may be because of the reason that we have lot many holidays in this month and the next(January).. This month started with some problems with my friends for some stupid reasons.
The YAOS (YET ANOTHER OS)—meeting was held on Tuesday at A-16.A big schedule to learn was made. Have to start reading something on filesystems, NASM(Netwide Assembler)..
On 6th of December we installed Ubuntu in my laptop. Its very cool. I started loving it. The installation procedure was very easy and the GUI is very eye catching It has its own cool features like we need not mount or umount the disks as in case of Debian. Seems to be more user-friendly than Debian. But I have to download the source code of some tools like emacs and compile it here.
Then came DEC 7th, my birthday… The speciality of this day is that both myself and my brother was born on the same day. But he is 3 years elder than me. Then we had a great fun at 12’o clock. All my friends wished me and I cut cake.Then at morning my parents and my brother came and we went to temple and had good dharisanam from Lord Murugan. Then went to college, at afternoon myself and my friends cut class and went to aarthy drive inn and enjoyed a lot.
There is some conference going to be held in our college. So we have got 9 days holidays in name of “Mid Semester Holidays”.. I have lot of plans ie., to read a lot. I don’t know how far its going to become successful… u later.

The Dawning of the Sixth Semester

Posted: December 10, 2006 in Myself

College was reopened on November 22nd . Came back to the normal life after a short vacation. Again caught the last bench,making fun,sleeping and enjoying with friends.
Learnt something for my Solaris project(being guided by Ananth Shrinivas– alumni of our college). He said that the project is to implement a busybox for solaris. Read something on busybox. Its really cool with special features. Its like compressing many Unix utilities in to a single executable. Yet to try installing and configuring busybox. This is being delayed due to some problem in my system during installation. I will rectify it soon and bring solaris to my grub very soon.
Meanwhile I read something on ZFS– filesystem in solaris. It is a 128-bit filesystem and I wondered how people can discover such great things in this world. Really amazing and unbelievable. It has been said that “You couldn’t fill a 128-bit storage pool without boiling the oceans.”. Hats off to Sun Micro-system.
Then we received the result on some Monday after great fear in heart since my performance was not up to the level of satisfaction. But unfortunately I have scored good marks(9.29). Its all due to god’s grace.
Then we were forced to do some work in which I am losing my interest step by step. On the same day when the results were published we had an excellent presentation by Jeyaprakash Gandhi on Career guidance. That presentation was really inspiring and we enjoyed a lot. I hope that will help us a lot in near future(During Placements).
Then I started reading God’s Debris-A thought experiment by Scott Adams, not yet completed. But I like the way he has presented his views about free will, evolution and all that. He brings almost all the concepts in the world within 132 pages. He makes us to think a lot.
Last Friday of this month some of my friends and myself were given an coupon to attend the SPEED conference at Thallakulam madurai. But only after going to that place we know that only 10 boys of our department were chosen to attend the conference. We felt bad for sometime and then changed our mood to the movie Dhoom2.Finally we moved to a theatre nearby to watch Dhoom2 and had a great fun there and then went to a bakery had our snacks there. Then we also had some adventures on that day on the road side and wrong routes.

The Renovation

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Ya It seems to be quite different right..This is the renovation of my blog.ya I was forced to create a new blog as someone has prevented me from entering my own blog(previous blog).. Its k..we should have fun in every thing. Had very good experience and learnt a lot about securing the id and passwords. Hope this may not happen again. Hmm, now this silent soul and a budding engineer has created this blog to throw the thoughts inside her to the outside world.