Cool December

Posted: December 10, 2006 in Myself

The month that I like very much for no reasons. Ofcourse it may be because of the reason that we have lot many holidays in this month and the next(January).. This month started with some problems with my friends for some stupid reasons.
The YAOS (YET ANOTHER OS)—meeting was held on Tuesday at A-16.A big schedule to learn was made. Have to start reading something on filesystems, NASM(Netwide Assembler)..
On 6th of December we installed Ubuntu in my laptop. Its very cool. I started loving it. The installation procedure was very easy and the GUI is very eye catching It has its own cool features like we need not mount or umount the disks as in case of Debian. Seems to be more user-friendly than Debian. But I have to download the source code of some tools like emacs and compile it here.
Then came DEC 7th, my birthday… The speciality of this day is that both myself and my brother was born on the same day. But he is 3 years elder than me. Then we had a great fun at 12’o clock. All my friends wished me and I cut cake.Then at morning my parents and my brother came and we went to temple and had good dharisanam from Lord Murugan. Then went to college, at afternoon myself and my friends cut class and went to aarthy drive inn and enjoyed a lot.
There is some conference going to be held in our college. So we have got 9 days holidays in name of “Mid Semester Holidays”.. I have lot of plans ie., to read a lot. I don’t know how far its going to become successful… u later.


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