The Dawning of the Sixth Semester

Posted: December 10, 2006 in Myself

College was reopened on November 22nd . Came back to the normal life after a short vacation. Again caught the last bench,making fun,sleeping and enjoying with friends.
Learnt something for my Solaris project(being guided by Ananth Shrinivas– alumni of our college). He said that the project is to implement a busybox for solaris. Read something on busybox. Its really cool with special features. Its like compressing many Unix utilities in to a single executable. Yet to try installing and configuring busybox. This is being delayed due to some problem in my system during installation. I will rectify it soon and bring solaris to my grub very soon.
Meanwhile I read something on ZFS– filesystem in solaris. It is a 128-bit filesystem and I wondered how people can discover such great things in this world. Really amazing and unbelievable. It has been said that “You couldn’t fill a 128-bit storage pool without boiling the oceans.”. Hats off to Sun Micro-system.
Then we received the result on some Monday after great fear in heart since my performance was not up to the level of satisfaction. But unfortunately I have scored good marks(9.29). Its all due to god’s grace.
Then we were forced to do some work in which I am losing my interest step by step. On the same day when the results were published we had an excellent presentation by Jeyaprakash Gandhi on Career guidance. That presentation was really inspiring and we enjoyed a lot. I hope that will help us a lot in near future(During Placements).
Then I started reading God’s Debris-A thought experiment by Scott Adams, not yet completed. But I like the way he has presented his views about free will, evolution and all that. He brings almost all the concepts in the world within 132 pages. He makes us to think a lot.
Last Friday of this month some of my friends and myself were given an coupon to attend the SPEED conference at Thallakulam madurai. But only after going to that place we know that only 10 boys of our department were chosen to attend the conference. We felt bad for sometime and then changed our mood to the movie Dhoom2.Finally we moved to a theatre nearby to watch Dhoom2 and had a great fun there and then went to a bakery had our snacks there. Then we also had some adventures on that day on the road side and wrong routes.


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