A meet with first and second year students.

Posted: February 11, 2007 in Sun Stuff, Techstuff

Hello folks meeting u after a long time. A few weeks back , my friend keerthi-the ambassador(I call her ambi) from Sun Microsystems to our college started her Ambassador initiative program with the second year and first year students of CSE and IT department of our college. We friends agals,bala,ashok,ananth and myself were helping her in this. During this session an introduction to the company Sun MicroSystems was given and then the cool products of Sun like OpenSolaris , Java and Netbeans were given. Even we ppl didn’t have much knowledge in the areas like Solaris and Netbeans. The audiences were the first and second year students among which most first years don’t know what is an operating system. Even though the presentation was simple enough it was too hard to reach them. Then something about the certification courses from Sun and about the mailing list(ug-madosug@opensolaris.org-Madurai Open Solaris User Group]) were told.

Bala was giving a demo on Dtrace and Belenix to the students.

Finally we had a chance of interacting with all the students individually. They felt that they were new to these technologies and they wanted to know it from scratch. They are mailing and asking when the sun club will formed and they are eager to join it. I don’t know whether this interest will last for long time.

So as soon as possible a mailing list for sun club has to be created and the Sun club Inauguration has to be done soon. We are planning to host an site for Sun club based on the response.I like to be a part of this club and help my keerthi in her job.I have got an good opportunity to know all these technologies through this.

We have prepared a road plan of this program and hope that will end up in success.


  1. Joe G says:

    Hello there,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. It is great to see more and more students getting exposed to OpenSolaris. I belong to the BeleniX team and would like to see more students contributing to BeleniX. There are tons of cool things to do.


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