Sun Club Inauguration

Posted: February 24, 2007 in Sun Stuff, Techstuff

Last Friday, we had Sun Club Inauguration in our college. Principal was expected to inaugurate it but unfortunately he was not able to make his presence there. We also invited all the Deans and HODs, students of all departments. The function took place at K.M.Auditorium of our college. There were around 400 students. The HOD of our department Mr.Rajaram spoke about various companies that have collaboration with our college. Then the HOD of IT department spoke on his experiences in the computer world. Next was the presentation on Sun Club by my ambi(keerthi). She was listing various activities that will be performed in Sun Club. She was speaking on some certification courses and about the cool products(Open Solaris,Netbean and Java) from Sun. A mailing list for Sun club has also been created. So people can subscribe to Sun club here.At the end of the inauguration many students registered in Sun Club.The Staff co-ordinators of Sun Club Mrs.Subathra and Mr.Emil selvan took good initiatives and they helped us a lot.


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