Solaris 10 with JDS on my Grub.

Posted: April 27, 2007 in Sun Stuff, Techstuff

I had Solaris express in my laptop with CDE-a proprietary desktop environment which sounded little bit difficult to use. Once I subscribed for Solaris10 DVD in Sun site. I got it this month through air mail. After finishing my semester exams I tried installing it. Now I have got a Solaris with JDS(Java Desktop System) environment uses free software.It is based on GNOME2.6.It gives a look and feel of a windows environment which can attract ppl.

Its really cool!!!.. Have got Sunstudio dvd also.Yet try those stuffs.Sun stuffs–Keep rocking!!!!..U can subscribe for Solaris DVDs, Sun Studio,Live CDs here

  1. taggy says:

    I think you installed SOlaris10 and not the developer version ?
    i remember seeing this look and feel on a old desktop ( solaris) the current one comes with flash enabled ,adobe enabled. You sure its solaris10 ?

  2. Geethapriya says:

    ya i m sure that i have installed solaris 10 only and the jds is flash enabled and adobe enabled

  3. taggy says:

    Looks like an old desktop that 🙂 . I had installed solaris10 on my laptop too but found it too slow for my ram so back to the old trusted ubuntu . how much ram do u think is really good for running a solaris build like any other normal linux distro ?

  4. Geethapriya says:

    I have 512MB RAM and its running well.But i think 256MB RAM will be enough for solaris10 with JDS.

  5. Ananth says:

    This is a very old JDS desktop.

    The CDs that you get on should have been that of Solaris Express – based on the currently developed bleeding edge version of opensolaris.

    Even if you got a Solaris 10 DVD, this looks incredibly old :-). The new desktop is very polished and good looking !

  6. Geethapriya says:

    I got this DVD by subscibing in sm other site(don remember the site :-() and not in shall try the new JDS desktop environment sooner…..

  7. taggy says:

    i guess i was a little right . The new desktop looks great 🙂 trust me you would want to download it straight away

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