Finding Nemo-Impressed me

Posted: May 28, 2007 in Movies

Yesterday, I saw a Walt Disney’s computer animated picture Finding Nemo-Directed by Andrew Stanton produced by Pixer animation studios. It was awesome and I enjoyed a lot. I wondered how they brought the expressions and emotions among the fishes. The story was around Nemo-a small clownfish taken care by his father Marlin who lost his wife and all other children. Since Nemo was the only child left with him he wanted to protect Nemo from all dangers and safe guard him. But Nemo felt that he need not want such protections. So he swam near a boat and was been captured by a diver. Now the pitiful Marlin started its journey in search of his son. On the way he got the help of a blue surgeon fish Dory who knows to read human written lines. Dory was with Marlin till the end in finding the direction towards Sydney. The most exciting thing about Dory is that it suffers from Short term memory loss and makes fun and makes us laugh during the serious situations. Both these fishes reaches Sydney after overcoming number of obstacles and threats by other fishes like whales and shark. Meanwhile Nemo who was caught in a dentist’s tank tries to escape along with other fishes. Finally it succeeds and goes to ocean and meets his pity father who thought his son was dead. Thus they reunite after a number of adventures. It was a good work by Walt Disney which took myself in to that aquatic world. Kids will really love it. Good creativity!! Good Music!!..

  1. stylesen says:

    In the same line I would like to suggest “Cars” ( which I saw recently 🙂

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