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An unpleasant news

Posted: August 9, 2007 in FOSS, Techstuff

Today I was reading The Hindu newspaper. On the very first page i found a headline “100 High Speed PCs for Madurai Bench”. I started reading into it. It has been said that 100 PCs with Intel Dual core processors have been alloted for judiciary purposes in Madurai Bench of High court.Its a good news.But what pricked me was that there was a line like “the only drawback is that all the systems have GNU/Linux a free open source operating system installed in it which has limited applicabilities compared to Microsoft Windows Operating System”.It was really unpleasant to read that. The public has such an opinion on GNU/Linux. They didn’t know the benefits of it. In fact most of the government employees will be in need of office suite only.So instead of spending lot of money in buying that proprietary operating system they can make use of GNU/Linux which is of minimal cost. They can make use of application softwares like Open-office…This would result in enormous savings to the government and also they will get a virus free,highly secured operating system.Those saved money can be spent on charity or something else like that. Awareness have to be created among the government officials also about the powerful features of GNU/Linux and various applications and tools in GNU/Linux that can be used in various fields.GLUGs have to create awareness among them and provide technical support to them.The managing director of Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) has said that the government is fast migrating to Linux operating systems.This has to be encouraged.

Long live GNU/Linux !!