Favourite Pass time

Posted: September 2, 2007 in FOSS, Myself

Now a days i feel bored doing nothing. Now i have started overcoming that by playing Supertux that i have on my Debian etch.I used to play super mario in my childhood. I was so crazy about it. One could see me always jumping along with Mario crossing the hurdles. Now i am getting the same pleasure from Supertux where the tux(mascot of linux) plays the role of Mario.Its really cool and i have started loving it.I have started spending more time playing that.It has become my favourite past time. Kids will really love it.Then i put my hands on gimp and finally designed the header for my blog(the header that you see now)

  1. Praveen says:

    Isn’t that Header is also seen in another website too? but without the ripple effect 🙂

  2. Geethapriya says:

    yeah! i was just trying gimp for the first time with that header;-)

  3. Geethapriya says:

    I have put on the new header 😉

  4. rajesh says:

    is the header visible ? only in GNU/Linux. ?
    i couldn’t c with my IE


  5. Geethapriya says:

    Which version of IE are you using. I have version 6 of IE and the header is visible in that and also seen in Mozilla Firefox that could be used both in GNU/Linux and Windows.There is nothing to do with the operating system and just the browser compatability makes such variations.

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