A Fortune for ppl interested in Paintings and Artworks

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Art

My anna’s close friend Senthil working at SiRF Technologies,Bangalore. He is a person of different thoughts and my anna use to say lot of stories about him. Now this anna with couple of his friends have started a new venture called varnathoorigai. The idea of this venture is to sell the paintings and artworks done by people at their leisure time. Thus they do a service of bringing out the hidden talents of the people who are interested in artwork to the external world. To know more about it visit here People who are interested in it can contribute to it and get benefited.

  1. Suganya says:

    It is a perfect idea.I like this.If I know painting I would have contributed..

  2. Geethapriya says:

    No probs, If any of ur friends or relations are interested in it, ask them to contribute 🙂

  3. Sandeep Kumar Mouvanal says:

    hey…cool…Would like to know more….i also do some leisure time painting

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