I m back

Posted: December 10, 2007 in Myself

Hello folks,

I am blogging after a very long span of time. There is no big reason for it. It may due to the fact that there were no much interesting things happen in my life to blog or I was bit lazy to blog. But it really doesn’t mean that I was busy.

I have entered final semester. Very few days to end up my college life. Hope this semester will be good and will enjoy last days of college life with my friends. We have lot of free hours this sem. So we will have lot of fun. I had a trip to Chennai with my friends. Enjoyed like any thing. There was a surprising birthday celebration for me. Had lot of fun in beach, train, hotel, city center, shopping etc etc …

Some of my friends got placed dually in companies like Motorola and Honeywell. My hearty wishes to them. 😉

  1. Charanya says:

    My dear Friend “Free Hours are meant for Project” According to college…..But u proved to be a real final yr student….I am proud of u…

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