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A short journey came to an end!!

Posted: April 26, 2008 in Myself

A short journey of 4 years that I attempted to become an engineer has now come to an end as the road that I traveled led me to the destination. Now I am an Engineer!! 🙂.

The most memorable part of my life – college life has reached the end point. It’s a place that brought me out of a small circle which I had around me and made a big transformation in me. It taught me what life is and learnt a lot about different characters around me. Lotz that I learnt from my experiences (good, bad, memorable, embarrassing) in college. I have been equipped with some knowledge and made to think. Lot of gud frnz who made my life beautiful and colorful. I am gonna miss them all. We enjoyed, shared, fought, cried, made fun,lotz and lotz to say. Some memories that are captured deeply in my heart will remain evergreen in my mind as sweet memories. Some of the memorable things are,

Cyber’07, tecuthsav’08, FStival 07,Glugot & Sunclub meetings,

PP lab where I was exposed to some technologies. It was a place where I gained more knowledge.

Daily dinner in mess with all my frnds having funny talks, Tea parties in the first semester,

Watching movies especially Bomirillu-more than a dozen of times,

Hell lot of fun with my friends in class,

Sugary sweet room-mates every year,

Our group study before exams,

Frequent visits to hotels (Aarthy drive inn, Bell, JB) along with friends,

Final year project,

Birthday celebrations (especially surprise arrangements made by my frnds for my b’day in Chennai…) thank u dears..,

IV(to kodaikanal,trivandrum)

Our dept aalamaram, CCC, Satellite canteen, Ladies restroom, B11 (first semester class room), college canteen, Z0 (class in second and final semester).

My friends visit to my home,

Photo sessions in hostel and college,

Hostel stores aunty,

Hostel days, Placement preparations. etc etc…

I am happy that I have met lot of good characters who are caring and lovable and many of them have been appended to my list of friends. I got acquainted to few ppl only in the final year but the journey has ended up soon.But feel happy that i got their contact at least rather than not forever.I got Got to know many ppl who have like thoughts as me.Hope every one of them will be in touch forever.

Thanks to the college management,staff members,friends,seniors and juniors who have been a part of my college life.Now I am leaving this wonderful world.

Dono how the world of corporate sector gonna be for me.The next journey to the next world will start soon.