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Posted: September 25, 2008 in FOSS, Techstuff
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Recently i made a try on Google Chrome – a free open source web browser developed by Google and the beta version of it was released on 2nd of September.Here is the comic by Scott McCloud that was released during the release of Google chrome that explains the need for Google chrome.

I felt it has high speed and responsiveness compared to other browsers.Another feature that impressed me a lot is that the address bar and the search are integrated and the suggestions were applied for both the addresses and the search(In Google’s words: One box for everything).Its a pretty cool feature in Chrome.Every new tab in Chrome shows the thumbnails of most visited websites.The tabs in chrome can be dragged out of the browser and can be had as a separate window.The vice versa is also possible.While clearing the browsing history, there is an option to clear the history from particular period instead of clearing everything.

Another is the task manager.Chrome is a multi-process browser.The website in each tab is considered as a separate process.The task manager displays memory usage,CPU usage and network usage of each process(website).Hence if there exists a problem with any of the web sites there is no need for closing the entire browser, its enough to end that particular process(website) using the task manager option.I also read that IE8(beta version) has also come with this multi-process approach and heard its not as robust as Chrome.I havent tried out IE8.

I cant reason out why the title bar disappears when the window is maximised.The is no fixed status bar in chrome.A light status bar pops up at the left bottom of the window during the page load or when there is a hovering over a link.Also heard of some issues like chrome crash when some special characters are used.I am not sure about it as i didnt face such problems yet.Awaiting for the next release of chrome hoping it would come with add-ons,themes as in firefox and with better development.

  1. Annamalai says:

    yeah chrome is simple and amazing. but they have copied things from many other browsers like opera, firefox.. moreover i fear that my data is being tracked everytime when i enter things in the address bar 😦

  2. Hi,

    Yes, Chrome is certainly faster. But I found it a bit uncomfortable, as I couldn’t access my bookmarks easily as I used to do with Firefox. And, though it has all those process monitoring stuff, It consumes a lot of memory as well, just the same problem that Firefox has.

    One good thing that I observed in chrome is that. it has in built web-developer stuff, the exact equivalent of Firefox’s firebug plug-in.

    And same as what Malai tells, I am not quite sure of what Google tracks and what it doesn’t, especially after its initial license agreement told that everything that we do would be owned by google(It was modified after a huge uproar from the FOSS community, that too for a browser developed completely using FOSS software)

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