The Man in my life

Posted: January 24, 2009 in Art

This is my first poem.


You are the Man in my life…
Who heard my first cries and found a melody in it
Weighed me on your shoulder, lifted me up and showed this world.
While I was viewing the world in the eyes of you
Soon our destiny parted us,
I missed you a lot and wept aloof.

Though I was grown far apart from you
I was grown up in comfort
By the values and the guidelines that you drew
And by the love and care that you showered from distance.
Those were the days when I waited for the weekends
Just to see you and enjoy the outings with you…
You don’t know how I struggle myself to hide the stress in my heart
When you leave me saying the next weekend will come soon.

You learnt my desires and dislikes.
In spite of your busy hours you spent time for me
In filling my world with all I liked just to make me happy.
Its then I realized all your efforts to
Make me forget that you are away from me.

You are my awesome teacher who was on my side
Made me discern the right and wrong
And helped to make right choices in my calibre.
You kindled the spirit in me and fed me with confidence
That made me to achieve with utmost enthusiasm.
I always feel the safeness in the hands of you.

As the years rolled by and I started growing matured
You also respected my own thoughts and interest.
It’s at that point I realized the friendship between us.
I share all my joy and sorrow with you.
My friends became your friends.

Apart from being a good friend,
You are my big source of inspiration.
I liked your attitude towards people
And your underscored importance for humanity
Both in your profession and in your social life.

It is you DAD – an adorable Hero in my life
And a perfect personality I have ever seen.
I am your greatest aficionado feeling grateful to have you
And my love for you lasts forever.


  1. Great Poem !!! Inspired by Vaaranam Aayiram or what 😉 ???!!!

  2. charanyanagarajan says:

    verry verry nice one…I can sense ur feelings from ur words…Continue ur great work…TCS is now helping many to turn as poets 🙂 giving people more time to sit and think…Am I right????COngrats dear

  3. Preethi says:

    Hey.. good one yar… cheers.. looking forward for next creation… 🙂

  4. Glen says:

    In the middle searching old friends, found your website.Just passing by.By the way, your website have great content! 🙂

    Don’t pay for your electricity any longer…
    Instead, the power company will pay YOU!

  5. Padmashree says:

    hi Geethu,

    How are you doing ?
    You really possess great talent in writing poems.
    Wonderful expression of your feelings in apt words 🙂
    Please take it forward and keep writing!


  6. annukar says:

    Hey, I dont really know u r good at scriptin narrative is well composed..

  7. Hi,

    An extremely delayed comment.. but still… The poem is really great. Do continue writing them.

  8. Good one! Just happen to step into it 🙂

  9. Sateesh says:

    so well… hope u shared this with ur dad….

  10. Nishvanth.. says:

    Savoured the taste of it by reading letter by letter

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