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Five puppies were born near my aunt’s house in coimbatore. But the dog expired on the day after delivery.So people in the quarters planned to bury those puppies also along with it’s mother. But my uncle doesn’t wanted to kill them.So my uncle and family took care of those puppies.

They bought milk for it advised by doctor and gave medicines.But it was lacking the warmness that should be given by it’s mother. Some how these people managed to provide it by giving a bed of cotton and clothes and using a hair dryer. They fed these puppies using a feeding bottle. All members of the family were busy these days feeding the puppies.

But now all these puppies died one by one.My cousins, uncle and aunt are so sad about it. My uncle who is very close to pets has written the following poem which really touched my heart. May the soul of all those puppies rest in peace.

We were four brothers and a sister-

were born on a chilly night.

It was all dark around and

we could see nothing;

Our mother was very affectionate towards us.

We could hear her talking to us

in soft, soothing voice.

We could feel her love and affection in her warmth.

But, she was with us only for a day.

We were not fortunate to be with our mother.

We could hear people talking

that our mother was bitten by a snake;

We were all worried, being made orphans

even before we  opened our eyes..

We longed to see our mother’s face,

but we were not fortunate enough.

All of a sudden, we could feel ourselves

being carried away and dumped in a bush.

That night was horrible to us.

We were without milk, without our mother

and without anyone to care for us.

But, God was kind enough – the next day

some one took us back and handed over us

to a loving family, who took care of us like our mother.

They fed us with milk, gave us shelter and were all

kind to us, treating us  as their children,

fondling us with their tender hands.

But, it did not lost for long.

We developed disease and became weak day by day.

We could realize that our days were numbered.

We took leave from the world, one by one.

Though we could not see the world when we were alive,

now we could see the world where we lived;

we could see the people who cared for us;

we will remember them for ever.

We hope that we will come back to meet them again-

in some form, at some point of time.





Chob-Chob Kutty