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Anna Univ Days

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Myself
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One of my friends told that she was feeling much bored and wanted me to update my blog.Also I didn’t blog much after entering this new place.So thought of writing on my days here.

I like and enjoy this transition from corporate world back to the college life.I never thought that i would get a typical college life again after completing the bachelors.I never thought that i would do a post graduation in Engineering.But lot of transitions happened in my mind during the days when i worked for a company and that has directed me here.When i chose this option, i was not very much sure that i am doing a right thing.But now am sure that i have did a right thing. I have found a right place for me at right time.

The first thing i felt after joining the college is I get more free time after a year. Though I was in the corporate for just one year, i felt this a great gift for me. I am now out of that machine life spending more than 12 hours in same place though i liked the work assigned for me.I didn’t have time to satisfy my own interests. But now I have lot of time to do all those[Photography,Painting,Pencil-Sketch].

Though i haven’t joined IITs i don’t worry much about it as i didn’t make any attempt for it.I am happy with what i have. I liked the flexibility here and few professors really impressed me. At times my passion towards the teaching profession increases seeing few lectures which i never got during my bachelors program.I liked the methodologies followed for assessments(more of practical than theoretical) which gives less work to my memory.I never spend much time with my books and I do enjoy it.But there are occasions when I get loaded with assignments at same time.Some way I managed to get a good score in my first semester.

Regarding friends, i really got a good pack of people around me as usual. That happens well for me at every part of my life right from my schooling. 🙂 Though most of them are younger than me by a year i don’t feel any difference in them. I have lot of fun with them. Luv those nick names they shoot at me.[Secret..].Daily visits to canteen, rest in green benches under the trees, Daily juices, Morning walk into the forest of the college are those that i enjoy a lot.Enjoyed my b’day treat at Sangeetha with new friends.Planning for a B’day treat tomorrow[The B’day baby being the one who motivated me to write this post :)].Having good time with new people. Getting more experienced in learning people.

Two years of vegetarianism has come to an end due to frequent advises by my mom and a friend who is a strict non-vegetarian(She made me eat chicken after a long time).Hope she doesn’t bang me after reading this.Seeing my friend’s Apple laptop, I got tempted to have a MAC feel on my Ubuntu and I always fight with her telling mine is better than hers 🙂 There are many such funny things happening here.

The most memorable event is that I was able to attend a live concert by my favourite singer Karthik during the cultural program.I attended it on a night before my MPC assessment without knowing a word in the book.But got a decent score in the assessment.:) Had our class meet up at Elliot’s Beach with our professor Madhan and his family.Had good time with them.

The funny part of this is that my lovable friends[BE friends] keep kidding me as I am the only person among them still roaming around the college while they are software professionals now.They tell me a “student” and keep kidding me in all the conference calls as I often tell them that I am busy with my assignments and assessments.Yet I love those comments.Waiting to meet them all this coming weekend.

At room, all my friends envy at me as I come back from college so early and they come very late depending on their shifts.These days we had lot of B’day celebrations at room and in the past month my calories has increased at a higher rate having all chocolate,pastries,ice-creams and nuts.

Now am almost done with a year in Anna University. 50% of my post graduation is over 🙂 Wanna start with project for the next year. This one year has left good memories in me and ended up in a rapid speed.I am happy with everything as of now.Hope the same prevails in the upcoming year.


Good Old Memories-My letters…

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Myself
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Two days back,one of my professors was speaking on the advancement of Internet and other technologies. He was telling that e-mail has replaced the traditional letters and posts.Time has come to place the post boxes,in-land letters and post cards in museum so that the future generation will know that people used these stuffs for communication in the past(Just as we now tell people used pigeon to send messages in the olden days).My professor questioned us whether we had ever got chance for writing letters during the childhood.

This simple question brought those glorious moments in my mind.Those were the days when I was in class IV staying with my grand parents, I used to write letter to my parents after getting my mid term marks. My letter will be well formatted with proper header,date,greeting,body and signature.I would have followed all the rules of letter writing taught in my school. The body of the letter would contain a table[drawn using scale and pencil] containing the subjects and the marks I have scored in the mid-term.I would get my grand dad’s help to post that letter but wont let my grand pa or grand ma to read it.He has to paste the corners of the letter without looking inside[That is my personal na.. How could they read it.. :-)].Since I heard people telling that we shouldn’t read others’ letters and I wanted my grand parents also to follow it.But while writing the letter, I used to spell whatever I write so that my grand dad should do the grammar checks[Syntax and Semantic Checks :-)].Thus a sheet of paper with my childish words written on it made a pleasure link between me and my parents.

The funniest part is that now this grown kid often gets confused whether to write TO address or FROM address first on the cover while sending any courier.

Thus I was floating in my own cloud of memories during the cloud computing lecture.

Fear of Flight

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Myself
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Fear of Flight—I don’t know why am much scared of this life less creature. This fear that started during my childhood is prevailing even now.

Once my parents planned for an air travel from Chennai to Coimbatore when I was in class four. I was happy hearing that. But after coming to the airport I got frightened seeing big flights parked in the airport. I told my dad that I would stay with my uncle in Chennai and I asked them to go. My dad was convincing me telling that there is nothing to fear. But I didn’t give up. Finally he agreed with my wish and told that I can go with my uncle after giving a send off to them. That was my first visit to an airport. We were sitting in a waiting hall. After sometime there was an announcement and I didn’t know what that was. My dad told that we have to move to another room where we have to wait till the flight comes. So we walked to that room through a long passage. That room was like a small auditorium with seats on both sides of the path. My dad asked me to sit near him and I was looking around the room and at the lights over my head. Then there came an announcement to fasten the seat belts and only then I realized I was sitting in a flight. The flight’s door was very close to the passage through which we walked and I didn’t know that I was stepping in to a flight and not into any room. I stared at my dad and he asked me to close my eyes tightly to get out of the fear. The flight took off. I usually get vomiting sensation when I travel in bus. So I tried to bring that sensation though I didn’t get it. The air hostess brought sandwiches and drinks. My brother had everything. But I missed them out of fear and later realized I should have had them. Thus was my first air travel experience.

The flights have created a great impact on me that I often see them even in my dreams. I was narrating one such dream to my friends and they were enjoying it. Let me post it here……

One fine evening after my office work I was getting ready for my friend’s (Binu) marriage in Dindigul. I went to the airport. There were big flights being parked like the buses in the bus stand. I went near one of them and enquired about the next flight to Dindigul. I was pointed to a flight standing near by. I went and took a window seat in that flight. The great comedy here was the flight was running on a highway along with other vehicles. I saw a bus moving in parallel and I found Binu sitting in the bus. I called her and asked where she was going.I know it is a stupid question. But i was in a world where there was no logic and no rules as in reality. She told me that she was going for her marriage. We were exchanging some conversations as the flight and bus were running parallel in the highway. All of a sudden something unexpected happened. A man was trying to cross the road. The pilot got out of control and instead of pressing the break he made the flight take off. As the flight started moving upwards I fell down from the flight and hit the ground. I don’t know what happened after that as I lost my consciousness. Like in some Tamil movies I opened my eyes in a hospital. Then I woke up from my bed, realized it was a dream and started laughing alone.

In another dream, I was standing in the corridor of my home and drinking a cup of milk and was just seeing the roadside. I then noticed a flight flying at a great height was coming down the level. Suddenly it got burst into pieces over my neighbor’s home.

Now I don’t have the fear of flying after few travels during my trip to Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. I have also made a solo air travel from Chennai to Coimbatore few days back (Between same points as in my first travel). I have become comfortable in flying and enjoying the view of the earth below me. But even now my blood pressure increases if I see a flight very closer. I feel like I am viewing a whale. I wonder haven’t I seen a mountain which is much bigger than a plane. Yet I didn’t get any answers for my fear.

As I walk through my college campus to reach my department in the morning, when ever the Kingfisher or the Emirates flies close over my head all these gets flashes before me and goes off.

Next journey ;-)

Posted: September 6, 2009 in Myself
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It is very long since I blogged. It might be because I didn’t have time (really…) or I didn’t feel to blog.

Now another transition has occurred in my life.

It is corporate life -> student life

I have gained a year of experience in corporate life. It was good right from my ILP at Bhubaneswar till my Buysell project in Chennai one 😉 Lot of sweet and bitter experiences I had. Got acquainted with different people of different years of experience and with people from different parts of the country. Gained some knowledge in the technologies like Oracle E-Business suite and PL/SQL.Had wonderful time with my team members of my project though we were forced to work over hours.

But I felt I needed a break from this corporate life. So I decided to do Masters in Computer Science in Anna University Chennai. I am back to my student life. I have more time to breathe now. ;-). This is what my parents desired. Hope I shall spend time in some useful way to explore something. Wanna spend time on something that I always like but never took effort to do those. My classes have started. It is fine.The faculties have a great profile and i got inspired by few of them.It is quite a different feel to sit in the class now after a short gap. Hope I will update this blog often from now.


Posted: September 24, 2008 in Myself
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Its long since i blogged.As a part of my career, I was attending the Intial Learning Program conducted by TCS from August 20 at Bhubaneswar.We were introduced to a language called Scheme which is a variant of Lisp.Dr.Scheme is the IDE that we used for programming in Scheme.Dr.Scheme has some features of Emacs integrated in it.Scheme was pretty easy.

Had different experience during ILP with people from different states.Had lot of fun too both at villa and in office.All of us had a trip to NandanKanan Zoo.Then we visited few places like Konark,Puri temple and Piply where we bought some handicraft items.Missed few places like Chilka lake due to shortage of time.

Fed up sometimes when we were made to have chappathi as daily food.Missed the south indian food a lot.Any way curd rice at Misky satisfied me at times 😉 I would have been trapped if i didnt have friends who know Hindi with me.Missed tamil tv channels a lot.

The places were greenish in and around Bhubaneswar,Ever raining,Early bird and Early Owl.Any way life was good.Finally got posting in Chennai.So now am in home and wanna join on 29th and have to complete my second phase training in java stream at chennai.

A short journey came to an end!!

Posted: April 26, 2008 in Myself

A short journey of 4 years that I attempted to become an engineer has now come to an end as the road that I traveled led me to the destination. Now I am an Engineer!! 🙂.

The most memorable part of my life – college life has reached the end point. It’s a place that brought me out of a small circle which I had around me and made a big transformation in me. It taught me what life is and learnt a lot about different characters around me. Lotz that I learnt from my experiences (good, bad, memorable, embarrassing) in college. I have been equipped with some knowledge and made to think. Lot of gud frnz who made my life beautiful and colorful. I am gonna miss them all. We enjoyed, shared, fought, cried, made fun,lotz and lotz to say. Some memories that are captured deeply in my heart will remain evergreen in my mind as sweet memories. Some of the memorable things are,

Cyber’07, tecuthsav’08, FStival 07,Glugot & Sunclub meetings,

PP lab where I was exposed to some technologies. It was a place where I gained more knowledge.

Daily dinner in mess with all my frnds having funny talks, Tea parties in the first semester,

Watching movies especially Bomirillu-more than a dozen of times,

Hell lot of fun with my friends in class,

Sugary sweet room-mates every year,

Our group study before exams,

Frequent visits to hotels (Aarthy drive inn, Bell, JB) along with friends,

Final year project,

Birthday celebrations (especially surprise arrangements made by my frnds for my b’day in Chennai…) thank u dears..,

IV(to kodaikanal,trivandrum)

Our dept aalamaram, CCC, Satellite canteen, Ladies restroom, B11 (first semester class room), college canteen, Z0 (class in second and final semester).

My friends visit to my home,

Photo sessions in hostel and college,

Hostel stores aunty,

Hostel days, Placement preparations. etc etc…

I am happy that I have met lot of good characters who are caring and lovable and many of them have been appended to my list of friends. I got acquainted to few ppl only in the final year but the journey has ended up soon.But feel happy that i got their contact at least rather than not forever.I got Got to know many ppl who have like thoughts as me.Hope every one of them will be in touch forever.

Thanks to the college management,staff members,friends,seniors and juniors who have been a part of my college life.Now I am leaving this wonderful world.

Dono how the world of corporate sector gonna be for me.The next journey to the next world will start soon.

I m back

Posted: December 10, 2007 in Myself

Hello folks,

I am blogging after a very long span of time. There is no big reason for it. It may due to the fact that there were no much interesting things happen in my life to blog or I was bit lazy to blog. But it really doesn’t mean that I was busy.

I have entered final semester. Very few days to end up my college life. Hope this semester will be good and will enjoy last days of college life with my friends. We have lot of free hours this sem. So we will have lot of fun. I had a trip to Chennai with my friends. Enjoyed like any thing. There was a surprising birthday celebration for me. Had lot of fun in beach, train, hotel, city center, shopping etc etc …

Some of my friends got placed dually in companies like Motorola and Honeywell. My hearty wishes to them. 😉