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Google chrome

Posted: September 25, 2008 in FOSS, Techstuff
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Recently i made a try on Google Chrome – a free open source web browser developed by Google and the beta version of it was released on 2nd of September.Here is the comic by Scott McCloud that was released during the release of Google chrome that explains the need for Google chrome.

I felt it has high speed and responsiveness compared to other browsers.Another feature that impressed me a lot is that the address bar and the search are integrated and the suggestions were applied for both the addresses and the search(In Google’s words: One box for everything).Its a pretty cool feature in Chrome.Every new tab in Chrome shows the thumbnails of most visited websites.The tabs in chrome can be dragged out of the browser and can be had as a separate window.The vice versa is also possible.While clearing the browsing history, there is an option to clear the history from particular period instead of clearing everything.

Another is the task manager.Chrome is a multi-process browser.The website in each tab is considered as a separate process.The task manager displays memory usage,CPU usage and network usage of each process(website).Hence if there exists a problem with any of the web sites there is no need for closing the entire browser, its enough to end that particular process(website) using the task manager option.I also read that IE8(beta version) has also come with this multi-process approach and heard its not as robust as Chrome.I havent tried out IE8.

I cant reason out why the title bar disappears when the window is maximised.The is no fixed status bar in chrome.A light status bar pops up at the left bottom of the window during the page load or when there is a hovering over a link.Also heard of some issues like chrome crash when some special characters are used.I am not sure about it as i didnt face such problems yet.Awaiting for the next release of chrome hoping it would come with add-ons,themes as in firefox and with better development.


Admin Scripts in pgdb

Posted: February 6, 2008 in FOSS, Techstuff
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In my project there was need for writing few admin scripts in python to create database account and database for a user.
In case of MySQL we connected to mysql database (admin database) and then performed the DDL queries like create database.The connection string we used is
conn=mysql.connect(host=”localhost”,user=”username”,passwd=” “,db=”mysql” )
It worked well.In the same way we wrote code for creating database in postgres is as follows:

import pgdb
cursor.execute(‘create database test’)

here postgres is the admin database.
But the create database didn’t work. The following error was thrown.

ERROR: CREATE DATABASE: May not be called in a transaction block

ie., we are not allowed to create database in the transaction block. Later found that doing a commit will end or close the current transaction and hence after a commit we performed create database.It worked then. In order to do that we just included a line


before the line cursor.execute(‘create database test’)

Thus we can just do a commit before issuing any statements that PostgreSQL cannot execute within a transaction and perform such statements outside the transaction block.


Posted: January 23, 2008 in Techstuff

As a part of golden jubilee celebration of our college Thiagarajar College of engineering,Madurai,there is gonna be a mega event “TECUTHSAV” to be conducted in our college. It is a National level technical festival starts on 13th of February and continues till 17th. All the departments of our college together conduct this event.Many interesting and attractive contests are to be conducted in almost all the disciplines of Engineering. Tech minds can have a great tech feast in this grand techfest.

Confused!!! -Dot blindness

Posted: December 25, 2007 in Techstuff

Are Gmail usernames dot sensitive or not? I had this confusion.

If there is a gmail id say geetha[dot] and if by mistake if some one sends mail to (without dot) it is getting delivered to geetha[dot] I wondered how that is possible. Then Gmail’s help center told me that is same as there cannot be gmail ids like,, gmail usernames are not dot sensitive and only single registration of a particular username is, if user[dot] is already registered we cannot register dot).This is Gmail’s dot-blindness

Logging into gmail is possible only as user[dot] and not possible as (without dot) though the mail delivery is possible when TO field is if the registered id is user[dot]

Gmail doesnt allow users to create an account with underscore where as other email services like yahoo allow underscores.I couldn’t get the reason why they dont allow underscores and why they gave the option of using dot alone in usernames though they doesnt recognise dot as a character during mail delivery.And i dont understand the purpose of dot.Does dot replace the purpose of underscores used in other mail services?

An unpleasant news

Posted: August 9, 2007 in FOSS, Techstuff

Today I was reading The Hindu newspaper. On the very first page i found a headline “100 High Speed PCs for Madurai Bench”. I started reading into it. It has been said that 100 PCs with Intel Dual core processors have been alloted for judiciary purposes in Madurai Bench of High court.Its a good news.But what pricked me was that there was a line like “the only drawback is that all the systems have GNU/Linux a free open source operating system installed in it which has limited applicabilities compared to Microsoft Windows Operating System”.It was really unpleasant to read that. The public has such an opinion on GNU/Linux. They didn’t know the benefits of it. In fact most of the government employees will be in need of office suite only.So instead of spending lot of money in buying that proprietary operating system they can make use of GNU/Linux which is of minimal cost. They can make use of application softwares like Open-office…This would result in enormous savings to the government and also they will get a virus free,highly secured operating system.Those saved money can be spent on charity or something else like that. Awareness have to be created among the government officials also about the powerful features of GNU/Linux and various applications and tools in GNU/Linux that can be used in various fields.GLUGs have to create awareness among them and provide technical support to them.The managing director of Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (ELCOT) has said that the government is fast migrating to Linux operating systems.This has to be encouraged.

Long live GNU/Linux !!

A Tech talk by Angelo

Posted: July 31, 2007 in Sun Stuff, Techstuff

Yesterday as a part of Sun Club activities there was a tech talk by Angelo Rajadurai, Sun Microsystems, Santa clara. He is an alumni of our college and has 14 years experience in Sun and DTrace traveling evangelist for two years. His talk was really inspiring and very simple that we felt easy to understand the concepts.

He gave an introduction to Solaris, Open Solaris. He spoke few words on Niagara. The major areas that he was speaking were ZFS and Dtrace. He explained very clearly the concepts of ZFS-Zettabyte File System a 128 bit filesystem and Adavanced filesystem on the planet.He explained how ZFS differs from other traditional filesystems. He was throwing lights on the immense capacity of this file system, its properties like copy-on-write, sharing, data integrity and transactional operation, snapshot, self healing. I was really impressed by the concept of pooling in ZFS in which there are no partition kind of stuffs and all the filesystems can share the same pool.He ran few commands on zfs and showed how to create a filesystem for particular user in zpool , list the filesystems of all the users in zpool, how to allocate space for each filesystem in the zpool, how to restrict the access of an user in the zpool and how to take snapshots.He explained how Raid-Z in zfs overcomes the problem of write-hole in Raid-5 by its property called copy-on-write.Due to the presence of copy-on-write property there is no need of fsck for file checking as the consistency of data is always maintained.

Next he gave a brief introduction to Dtrace – a dynamic tracing tool and powerful featues of it.Dtrace can trace any applications, system calls or even the Operating system itself.He showed how to enable a probe and list the probes and explained the terms provider, module, function, and name. He worked out few commands on Dtrace. We had a clear introduction to Dtrace. He wonderfully answered the questions thrown by our students. While ending up the session he spoke on Web 2.0. He gave the scope for projects that can be done as a contribution to the Open Solaris community and said that he is ready to mentor the students from our college.We got good exposure to Dtrace and ZFS from a great person.That was an awesome day.

visit his blog here

I had Solaris express in my laptop with CDE-a proprietary desktop environment which sounded little bit difficult to use. Once I subscribed for Solaris10 DVD in Sun site. I got it this month through air mail. After finishing my semester exams I tried installing it. Now I have got a Solaris with JDS(Java Desktop System) environment uses free software.It is based on GNOME2.6.It gives a look and feel of a windows environment which can attract ppl.

Its really cool!!!.. Have got Sunstudio dvd also.Yet try those stuffs.Sun stuffs–Keep rocking!!!!..U can subscribe for Solaris DVDs, Sun Studio,Live CDs here