The Man in my life

Posted: January 24, 2009 in Art

This is my first poem.


You are the Man in my life…
Who heard my first cries and found a melody in it
Weighed me on your shoulder, lifted me up and showed this world.
While I was viewing the world in the eyes of you
Soon our destiny parted us,
I missed you a lot and wept aloof.

Though I was grown far apart from you
I was grown up in comfort
By the values and the guidelines that you drew
And by the love and care that you showered from distance.
Those were the days when I waited for the weekends
Just to see you and enjoy the outings with you…
You don’t know how I struggle myself to hide the stress in my heart
When you leave me saying the next weekend will come soon.

You learnt my desires and dislikes.
In spite of your busy hours you spent time for me
In filling my world with all I liked just to make me happy.
Its then I realized all your efforts to
Make me forget that you are away from me.

You are my awesome teacher who was on my side
Made me discern the right and wrong
And helped to make right choices in my calibre.
You kindled the spirit in me and fed me with confidence
That made me to achieve with utmost enthusiasm.
I always feel the safeness in the hands of you.

As the years rolled by and I started growing matured
You also respected my own thoughts and interest.
It’s at that point I realized the friendship between us.
I share all my joy and sorrow with you.
My friends became your friends.

Apart from being a good friend,
You are my big source of inspiration.
I liked your attitude towards people
And your underscored importance for humanity
Both in your profession and in your social life.

It is you DAD – an adorable Hero in my life
And a perfect personality I have ever seen.
I am your greatest aficionado feeling grateful to have you
And my love for you lasts forever.



Google chrome

Posted: September 25, 2008 in FOSS, Techstuff
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Recently i made a try on Google Chrome – a free open source web browser developed by Google and the beta version of it was released on 2nd of September.Here is the comic by Scott McCloud that was released during the release of Google chrome that explains the need for Google chrome.

I felt it has high speed and responsiveness compared to other browsers.Another feature that impressed me a lot is that the address bar and the search are integrated and the suggestions were applied for both the addresses and the search(In Google’s words: One box for everything).Its a pretty cool feature in Chrome.Every new tab in Chrome shows the thumbnails of most visited websites.The tabs in chrome can be dragged out of the browser and can be had as a separate window.The vice versa is also possible.While clearing the browsing history, there is an option to clear the history from particular period instead of clearing everything.

Another is the task manager.Chrome is a multi-process browser.The website in each tab is considered as a separate process.The task manager displays memory usage,CPU usage and network usage of each process(website).Hence if there exists a problem with any of the web sites there is no need for closing the entire browser, its enough to end that particular process(website) using the task manager option.I also read that IE8(beta version) has also come with this multi-process approach and heard its not as robust as Chrome.I havent tried out IE8.

I cant reason out why the title bar disappears when the window is maximised.The is no fixed status bar in chrome.A light status bar pops up at the left bottom of the window during the page load or when there is a hovering over a link.Also heard of some issues like chrome crash when some special characters are used.I am not sure about it as i didnt face such problems yet.Awaiting for the next release of chrome hoping it would come with add-ons,themes as in firefox and with better development.


Posted: September 24, 2008 in Myself
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Its long since i blogged.As a part of my career, I was attending the Intial Learning Program conducted by TCS from August 20 at Bhubaneswar.We were introduced to a language called Scheme which is a variant of Lisp.Dr.Scheme is the IDE that we used for programming in Scheme.Dr.Scheme has some features of Emacs integrated in it.Scheme was pretty easy.

Had different experience during ILP with people from different states.Had lot of fun too both at villa and in office.All of us had a trip to NandanKanan Zoo.Then we visited few places like Konark,Puri temple and Piply where we bought some handicraft items.Missed few places like Chilka lake due to shortage of time.

Fed up sometimes when we were made to have chappathi as daily food.Missed the south indian food a lot.Any way curd rice at Misky satisfied me at times 😉 I would have been trapped if i didnt have friends who know Hindi with me.Missed tamil tv channels a lot.

The places were greenish in and around Bhubaneswar,Ever raining,Early bird and Early Owl.Any way life was good.Finally got posting in Chennai.So now am in home and wanna join on 29th and have to complete my second phase training in java stream at chennai.

Last week i saw Kamal’s blockbuster movie “Dasavathaaram” in which kamal has appeared in 10 avathars. I was really impressed by his performance in that movie.Only kamal has that guts to take a Hollywood like movie in tamil.The interpretation of the main theme of the movie may vary from individual to individual.This film is about re-incarnation, karma, chaos theory and Butterfly effect.But i came to know about these physics theories only after watching the movie.He has put down all his efforts in each and every avathar to make the film complete.The interlinking of all the avathars were simply superb which is a most difficult stuff.i.e, None of the 10 faces had a separate track out of the main theme of the movie.The avathar that i liked most was the Krishnaveni patti(very tiny kamal).Other avathars Fletcher(the villan) and Govind(Scientist who discovered the BIO weapon) made the film to move fast. The computer graphics plays a main role in this movie right from the 12th century part in the beginning till the Tsunami scene in the end.Kamal Ravikumar partnership rocks.This movie is a differs a lot from usual movies mixed with comedy,masala,romance,sentiments etc etc ..

Kamal Hassan is a man of dedication, hardwork and he is a perfectionist.But thing that is itching me is that Rajni- a man of only styles is a great mass puller compared to kamal. People get impressed by styles rather that acting.Kamal acts,dances,sings and does everything well as an actor even at this age.Its only due to his passion on his job.Kamal really deserves the title “Ulaga Nayagan”. Longing to see the movie once again.

Click here to read the entire story of the film

Click here to read on the interpretation of the film

A short journey came to an end!!

Posted: April 26, 2008 in Myself

A short journey of 4 years that I attempted to become an engineer has now come to an end as the road that I traveled led me to the destination. Now I am an Engineer!! 🙂.

The most memorable part of my life – college life has reached the end point. It’s a place that brought me out of a small circle which I had around me and made a big transformation in me. It taught me what life is and learnt a lot about different characters around me. Lotz that I learnt from my experiences (good, bad, memorable, embarrassing) in college. I have been equipped with some knowledge and made to think. Lot of gud frnz who made my life beautiful and colorful. I am gonna miss them all. We enjoyed, shared, fought, cried, made fun,lotz and lotz to say. Some memories that are captured deeply in my heart will remain evergreen in my mind as sweet memories. Some of the memorable things are,

Cyber’07, tecuthsav’08, FStival 07,Glugot & Sunclub meetings,

PP lab where I was exposed to some technologies. It was a place where I gained more knowledge.

Daily dinner in mess with all my frnds having funny talks, Tea parties in the first semester,

Watching movies especially Bomirillu-more than a dozen of times,

Hell lot of fun with my friends in class,

Sugary sweet room-mates every year,

Our group study before exams,

Frequent visits to hotels (Aarthy drive inn, Bell, JB) along with friends,

Final year project,

Birthday celebrations (especially surprise arrangements made by my frnds for my b’day in Chennai…) thank u dears..,

IV(to kodaikanal,trivandrum)

Our dept aalamaram, CCC, Satellite canteen, Ladies restroom, B11 (first semester class room), college canteen, Z0 (class in second and final semester).

My friends visit to my home,

Photo sessions in hostel and college,

Hostel stores aunty,

Hostel days, Placement preparations. etc etc…

I am happy that I have met lot of good characters who are caring and lovable and many of them have been appended to my list of friends. I got acquainted to few ppl only in the final year but the journey has ended up soon.But feel happy that i got their contact at least rather than not forever.I got Got to know many ppl who have like thoughts as me.Hope every one of them will be in touch forever.

Thanks to the college management,staff members,friends,seniors and juniors who have been a part of my college life.Now I am leaving this wonderful world.

Dono how the world of corporate sector gonna be for me.The next journey to the next world will start soon.

Tecuthsav’08 came to an END

Posted: February 18, 2008 in General

At last our tech fest the TecUthsav’08 came to an end today.The five days event has reached its end point today. Though the strength of the delegates who participated this time is less compared to Cyber it was successful.Its for the first time we conduct such a mega event in which all the departments of our college work together for a common symposium.Any way it was good experience. i was one of the event co-ordinators of Pradharsan(Paper presentation contest). The best paper award was banged by the students of MIT. Some third year girls helped us in screening the papers and thanks to those girls and to the whole pradharsan team

An unique contest of our department was “The Lord of the Rings” which is a five stage event.The first stage was Maze which was beautifully designed by our juniors.All other stages like Obfuscated code,google wars, programming in new language,code completion were also so challenging for the participants.Most of them felt that it was a different contest.Other contests were OLPC, Web designing,Tech-quiz and Walk the plank(Crypt-analysis).

Our Juniors played a huge part in this event and hats off to those guys and girls. Especially the decoration by the third year girls was splendid. They did every thing with lot of interest and eagerness.The kolam before the main-building and also the decoration in the octogon was so good.

Thanks to the sponsors TCS, CTS, Sun Microsystems, Motorola, Aricent and finally Radio Mirchi 🙂 The General secretaries, joint secretaries and also the treasurers worked hard to make it a success.

After the valedictory function of this technical festival we friends filled our tummies in Hotel Bell and had fun 🙂 It was memorable day

Admin Scripts in pgdb

Posted: February 6, 2008 in FOSS, Techstuff
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In my project there was need for writing few admin scripts in python to create database account and database for a user.
In case of MySQL we connected to mysql database (admin database) and then performed the DDL queries like create database.The connection string we used is
conn=mysql.connect(host=”localhost”,user=”username”,passwd=” “,db=”mysql” )
It worked well.In the same way we wrote code for creating database in postgres is as follows:

import pgdb
cursor.execute(‘create database test’)

here postgres is the admin database.
But the create database didn’t work. The following error was thrown.

ERROR: CREATE DATABASE: May not be called in a transaction block

ie., we are not allowed to create database in the transaction block. Later found that doing a commit will end or close the current transaction and hence after a commit we performed create database.It worked then. In order to do that we just included a line


before the line cursor.execute(‘create database test’)

Thus we can just do a commit before issuing any statements that PostgreSQL cannot execute within a transaction and perform such statements outside the transaction block.