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Confused!!! -Dot blindness

Posted: December 25, 2007 in Techstuff

Are Gmail usernames dot sensitive or not? I had this confusion.

If there is a gmail id say geetha[dot] and if by mistake if some one sends mail to (without dot) it is getting delivered to geetha[dot] I wondered how that is possible. Then Gmail’s help center told me that is same as there cannot be gmail ids like,, gmail usernames are not dot sensitive and only single registration of a particular username is, if user[dot] is already registered we cannot register dot).This is Gmail’s dot-blindness

Logging into gmail is possible only as user[dot] and not possible as (without dot) though the mail delivery is possible when TO field is if the registered id is user[dot]

Gmail doesnt allow users to create an account with underscore where as other email services like yahoo allow underscores.I couldn’t get the reason why they dont allow underscores and why they gave the option of using dot alone in usernames though they doesnt recognise dot as a character during mail delivery.And i dont understand the purpose of dot.Does dot replace the purpose of underscores used in other mail services?