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Last week i saw Kamal’s blockbuster movie “Dasavathaaram” in which kamal has appeared in 10 avathars. I was really impressed by his performance in that movie.Only kamal has that guts to take a Hollywood like movie in tamil.The interpretation of the main theme of the movie may vary from individual to individual.This film is about re-incarnation, karma, chaos theory and Butterfly effect.But i came to know about these physics theories only after watching the movie.He has put down all his efforts in each and every avathar to make the film complete.The interlinking of all the avathars were simply superb which is a most difficult stuff.i.e, None of the 10 faces had a separate track out of the main theme of the movie.The avathar that i liked most was the Krishnaveni patti(very tiny kamal).Other avathars Fletcher(the villan) and Govind(Scientist who discovered the BIO weapon) made the film to move fast. The computer graphics plays a main role in this movie right from the 12th century part in the beginning till the Tsunami scene in the end.Kamal Ravikumar partnership rocks.This movie is a differs a lot from usual movies mixed with comedy,masala,romance,sentiments etc etc ..

Kamal Hassan is a man of dedication, hardwork and he is a perfectionist.But thing that is itching me is that Rajni- a man of only styles is a great mass puller compared to kamal. People get impressed by styles rather that acting.Kamal acts,dances,sings and does everything well as an actor even at this age.Its only due to his passion on his job.Kamal really deserves the title “Ulaga Nayagan”. Longing to see the movie once again.

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