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Good Old Memories-My letters…

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Myself
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Two days back,one of my professors was speaking on the advancement of Internet and other technologies. He was telling that e-mail has replaced the traditional letters and posts.Time has come to place the post boxes,in-land letters and post cards in museum so that the future generation will know that people used these stuffs for communication in the past(Just as we now tell people used pigeon to send messages in the olden days).My professor questioned us whether we had ever got chance for writing letters during the childhood.

This simple question brought those glorious moments in my mind.Those were the days when I was in class IV staying with my grand parents, I used to write letter to my parents after getting my mid term marks. My letter will be well formatted with proper header,date,greeting,body and signature.I would have followed all the rules of letter writing taught in my school. The body of the letter would contain a table[drawn using scale and pencil] containing the subjects and the marks I have scored in the mid-term.I would get my grand dad’s help to post that letter but wont let my grand pa or grand ma to read it.He has to paste the corners of the letter without looking inside[That is my personal na.. How could they read it.. :-)].Since I heard people telling that we shouldn’t read others’ letters and I wanted my grand parents also to follow it.But while writing the letter, I used to spell whatever I write so that my grand dad should do the grammar checks[Syntax and Semantic Checks :-)].Thus a sheet of paper with my childish words written on it made a pleasure link between me and my parents.

The funniest part is that now this grown kid often gets confused whether to write TO address or FROM address first on the cover while sending any courier.

Thus I was floating in my own cloud of memories during the cloud computing lecture.