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Next journey ;-)

Posted: September 6, 2009 in Myself
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It is very long since I blogged. It might be because I didn’t have time (really…) or I didn’t feel to blog.

Now another transition has occurred in my life.

It is corporate life -> student life

I have gained a year of experience in corporate life. It was good right from my ILP at Bhubaneswar till my Buysell project in Chennai one 😉 Lot of sweet and bitter experiences I had. Got acquainted with different people of different years of experience and with people from different parts of the country. Gained some knowledge in the technologies like Oracle E-Business suite and PL/SQL.Had wonderful time with my team members of my project though we were forced to work over hours.

But I felt I needed a break from this corporate life. So I decided to do Masters in Computer Science in Anna University Chennai. I am back to my student life. I have more time to breathe now. ;-). This is what my parents desired. Hope I shall spend time in some useful way to explore something. Wanna spend time on something that I always like but never took effort to do those. My classes have started. It is fine.The faculties have a great profile and i got inspired by few of them.It is quite a different feel to sit in the class now after a short gap. Hope I will update this blog often from now.