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Posted: September 24, 2008 in Myself
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Its long since i blogged.As a part of my career, I was attending the Intial Learning Program conducted by TCS from August 20 at Bhubaneswar.We were introduced to a language called Scheme which is a variant of Lisp.Dr.Scheme is the IDE that we used for programming in Scheme.Dr.Scheme has some features of Emacs integrated in it.Scheme was pretty easy.

Had different experience during ILP with people from different states.Had lot of fun too both at villa and in office.All of us had a trip to NandanKanan Zoo.Then we visited few places like Konark,Puri temple and Piply where we bought some handicraft items.Missed few places like Chilka lake due to shortage of time.

Fed up sometimes when we were made to have chappathi as daily food.Missed the south indian food a lot.Any way curd rice at Misky satisfied me at times 😉 I would have been trapped if i didnt have friends who know Hindi with me.Missed tamil tv channels a lot.

The places were greenish in and around Bhubaneswar,Ever raining,Early bird and Early Owl.Any way life was good.Finally got posting in Chennai.So now am in home and wanna join on 29th and have to complete my second phase training in java stream at chennai.